DIY Collage Wallpapers on any phone!

Lately I've been SO obsessed with making collage wallpapers on my phone!
It's really fun & easy to do! :)
You'll just need to download three things onto your phone.

You will need
1) WeHeartIt/Pinterest
(I like to use WeHeartIt the most)
2) Image Size
3) Picsart

Once you have downloaded those three things, you will first go into WeHeartIt
& find any type of plain background of your chose.
I like to use this pink furry one for my background as a base for my wallpaper.
You can even use just plain colored backgrounds as well.
(below is the one I'm going to use,
you can save this one if you like it)

Once you have found the one that you like, save it to your photos album & will 
get back to that later.
Now to the fun part! Finding the pictures that you are going to use
to make the wallpaper. (this will take some time!)
Going back into WeHeartIt, you are going to search up anything
that you would want for your collage.
(Examples: Marilyn Monroe, Harley & Joker, fav band, kawaii, fashion, pink etc.)
Make sure you create an album on your WeHeartIt account
to save all the photos. That way you will be able
 to find them easier.
I like to at least find 15 pictures to use for my collages.
You will also want to look up transparents/overlays
(this is optional & you can find as many of these)
If you'd like to see all the pictures I use for all of my
collages that I make
then look up my username _xomiasophia on WeHeartIt
& find my album with the unicorn emoji :)

When you are finally finished looking up all the pictures that you want.
Go into the album you created to save them on & save them
into your phones album.
Go ahead & exit out of WeHeartIt & into Image Size.
We are going to resize the background that I told you to look up
at the very top for your device.

Phone sizes
iPhone 5: 640 x 1138
(pretty sure android phones fit this size)
iPhone 6: 750 x 1334
iPhone 6+: 1242 x 2208

On the top left corner there will be a little album icon.
Click that and find your background in your phones albums.
Once you do that, click the arrow at the
top right and enter the given size that I gave you for your phone.

After you do that click the top right arrow once more & save it your phone.
Now it's time to put your collage together!
Open up PicsArt & at the bottom click the icon that looks like this (+)
& find your background image.
Now you are going to start adding your photos.
At the bottom click on Add Photo & add your first picture
I usually do one at a time.
You might have to play around with the photo to resize it to your liking
or rotating it.

To resize it hold onto those arrows at the bottom right corner next to the photo
& pinch it or grow it with your finger to make it smaller or bigger. To rotate it, hold onto the
top right corner that has a turning arrow & start
turning left or right.

Once you are happy with the size of it, you are going to go ahead 
and click on free crop.
After that at the bottom make sure you select the third icon
next to the eraser.

Using your finger you will trace around the photo to cut out the parts you don't need or want.
Does not have to be perfect!
Click on apply.

Then at the top click the middle icon > photos & start adding the rest of your photos
one by one doing
the same thing that I told you before using free crop.

Arrange the photos however you like!

Once you are happy with that you can just save it onto your phone if you don't
want to add any of the transparents & overlays.
For this part I do like to save it onto my phone & start a new one
& add the picture I just made.
It's easier for me when I do this because when I'm adding the transparents
I always tend to move or touch the background pictures.
Now if you do want to add the transparents, go ahead 
& click the top middle icon again & add
your chosen transparent.
Some of them may have the white/black background, but don't worry!
There is a way to fix it! :)
Once you have resized that go ahead & at the bottom there will be a bunch of options
like... Normal, Multiply, Color Burn, Darken, etc.
You might have to play around with some, but I usually click on
Multiply to get rid of the white background.

After that place it wherever you'd like & do the same steps for the rest of the transparents! :)

& viola! You are done :D
Go ahead & save it to your phone & enjoy making your collage wallpapers!
Tag me on Instagram so I can see your collages! :)
If you have any questions, you can kik or email me
Kik: OhMySophers